Thursday, May 28, 2009

Freedom is not Free

I just got back from spending Memorial Day weekend in our Nation's Capitol. What a time to be in a city where the history of our country seems to seep from the sidewalks. It was so beautiful and so inspiring. We visited museums, memorials, monuments and ended the trip in Arlington National Cemetery. Throughout the entire weekend I couldn't help think back to a few years ago when I took this picture of this saying that is etched into the wall on a war memorial near the Lincoln Memorial. "Freedom is Not Free" I know I for one take the everyday freedom that we have for granted. I don't think about the ease, convenience, and fearless way we live our lives because men and women have given their lives so that we can live free. I am grateful for them. For their service. And for the families that are left behind. And I am grateful for the reminder to me this week to embrace life and the freedoms we enjoy because truly, it isn't Free.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

flash back

I know some people update their pages. I've never done it, and probably never will--for a few reasons...First of all, it's just too much work! How in the world could I re-do layouts when I have so much that I haven't done even ONE layout for yet?!
Secondly, I feel like for me it's would be like photoshopping my '90's hair-dos, or updating my outfits in my pictures.  

So, this page is a photo that I found in a stack of miscellaneous photos--I scrapped it as I would have originally, so it fits in with the pages from that time...It's the missing piece of our engagement story.
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Friday, May 15, 2009


I've been thinking about contrast lately. I am struck by things they are made beautiful when surrounded by something different from themselves. I took this picture while hiking last weekend. It is a piece of coral in a lava field. Pretty incredible. When in a pile of coral, this piece blends in and has no special significance, but in a lava field surround by darkness it becomes beautiful. I love finding things in real life, and especially in nature that inspire my own creation...I'm using this as an inspirational piece for my next layout.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ode to my 'Clear the Closet'

Ode to my 'Clear the Closet" 

The box when arrived I opened with glee 
and into my Clear the Closet all my stuff went
 all my embellishments I could finally see!
who could have fortold what this all meant...
 my imagination has run wild!
 beautifully organized are ribbons and tags
layouts galore are coming to mind
 my excitment to embellish is a far cry from mild
before I would search for  buttons and brads
 and now with ease each of them I can find

Friday, May 8, 2009


This weekend is dedicated to celebrating Motherhood...As I've stopped to reflect on the women and mothers who have played a part in my life, I couldn't help but think of my own motherhood. Being a mother has changed me in so many truly is the most amazing experience I have ever suddenly love and care for another human being so immediately and so completely.

Some of the greatest things I have learned in life have come from women...some young, some old, some with children, some without. Being a woman empowers us with the ability to mother, and to me, that means the ability to LOVE. Whether it's your own mother, a woman who has mothered you, or yourself as a mother, take time to make a tribute to the beauty of motherhood.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Boys Day

Today is Japanese Boy's Day, so in honor of boys here's a card made with our "Oh Boy" product. Coming from a family of girls, and being the mother of two bOyS I have learned quickly about all things boy. Why they love dIrT, mud, StIcKs, balls, wHeEls, loud noises, etc is a mystery but I am convinced that (at least mine) came that way...there was no conditioning on my part to love playing in the dirt...I'm pretty much a germaphobic! I don't like bUgS, or wOrMs, or to touch animals...yep I'm horrible, but my bOyS love it all.

For Boys day my boys made Carp Kites and ran around the yard flying them. I made this card. :)
Happy Boys Day, and Happy Scrapping!

"Oh Boy!" Sampler
Olive Green Cardstock DS 134
Alphabet Stamp
Brown Ink
Hemp String

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Way-Out Layout Challenge

You know those "tags" you get on facebook?  Or the "surveys" that fill your email inbox?  The ones asking you all sorts of personal information people usually aren't allowed to ask, and most of which probably only your best friend,  and your mom really care about?  Well, last night I was lying in bed and it hit me...what a GREAT layout!  My Challenge:  take a random survey and turn it into a page all about you.  Use those strange questions like:
  • 10 quirky things (or more if you're brave :)  )
  • 25 random things
  • pet peeves (things that really drive you crazy, or just kind of drive you crazy)
  • 25 things about me that you probably already know...
  • Kid Answers (this one is perfect if you have toddlers/young kids, you ask them a series of questions ie "what was Mommy before she was your Mommy?" and "how old is Mommy?"and record their answers exactly.  You could do this with a variety of topics...about Mommy, Grandma, Uncle, etc. or about their future..."Where will you live when you are all grown up? etc.)
I'm dying to see what you can come up with!