Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Boys Day

Today is Japanese Boy's Day, so in honor of boys here's a card made with our "Oh Boy" product. Coming from a family of girls, and being the mother of two bOyS I have learned quickly about all things boy. Why they love dIrT, mud, StIcKs, balls, wHeEls, loud noises, etc is a mystery but I am convinced that (at least mine) came that way...there was no conditioning on my part to love playing in the dirt...I'm pretty much a germaphobic! I don't like bUgS, or wOrMs, or to touch animals...yep I'm horrible, but my bOyS love it all.

For Boys day my boys made Carp Kites and ran around the yard flying them. I made this card. :)
Happy Boys Day, and Happy Scrapping!

"Oh Boy!" Sampler
Olive Green Cardstock DS 134
Alphabet Stamp
Brown Ink
Hemp String

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  1. Hi Molly, I am so in love with your product line and I particularly love the "Oh Boy" Sampler. I bought the entire set at the Great American Scrapbooking Show. I personally thought that your line was the best in the show. I am a simple scrapper, I like to use papers rather than stamps and inks, so I instantly was attracted to the simplicity and beauty of your artistry. Great job on everything, I'm psyched to have found O Scrap!